Oleg Agafonov Bio

Oleg is a solution architect with more than 10 years of experience in software development. He held senior engineering roles at Luxoft, Yandex, Parallels, MegaFon and Telestax. During the last 6 years he has been designing distributed systems for various telecommunication companies. Oleg strives to always bring new and modern technologies to the industry. He loves combining technologies designed in the previous decades with latest trends frameworks in order to accelerate the adoption of telecom stacks in the nowadays emerging market environment.


Richard Cheshire

The Cheshire Catalyst (Richard Cheshire) (@Cheshire2600) was the last editor of the notorious TAP Newsletter of the 1970s and 1980s. (TAP was a predecessor of 2600 Magazine.) In his “share the knowledge” spirit, he has volunteered at every HOPE conference put on by 2600 since the first one in 1994. His PHonePHriendly.Com sets up web pages meant to be read on mobile phone web browsers, and allows him to delude himself that he’s still into phones as a phreak.


Giovanni Maruzzelli Bio

Heavily engaged with FreeSWITCH (wrote a couple endpoint, and co-authored with Anthony Minessale the 3 most current FreeSWITCH books), Giovanni is a consultant for the Telco industry, designing solutions and training courses for FreeSWITCH, SIP, WebRTC, OpenSIPS and Kamailio. An Internet tech pioneer, in 1996 Giovanni was cofounder of Italia Online, the most popular Italian portal and consumer ISP, and architect of its Internet technologies. After the New Economy galore he was two years in Serbia as Internet and Telecommunication Investment Expert for World Bank – IFC. Since 2005 he’s based in Italy, and serves ICT and Telco companies worldwide


Lorenzo Miniero – Meetecho

Lorenzo Miniero is the chairman and co-founder of Meetecho, a company providing both consultancy services and communication platforms. He got is degree and Ph.D at the Computer Science Department at the University of Napoli Federico II, where he started working on multimedia conferencing and met the colleagues with whom he co-founded Meetecho as an academic spin-off. He is an active contributor to the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) standardization activities, especially in the framework of real-time multimedia applications. He is most known as the author of Janus, a general purpose and open source WebRTC server.

Alberto Gonzalez Trastoy Bio

Alberto is a Senior Software Developer in IoT, VoIP and WebRTC projects and Sales lead at WebRTC.Ventures.
His telecom engineering background and interest in tech have lead him to build many projects for small and big enterprises, projects including: telepresence remote control, live broadcasting games, speech analytics and many others Real Time applications. This interaction with such a variety of products has made him also become a technical voice for WebRTC.Ventures customers.


Seven Du

Seven Du, started working on FreeSWITCH from 2008. He contributed numerous patches to FreeSWITCH core and a lot of modules, and now is a core FreeSWITCH developer. He created the FreeSWITCH Chinese Community from 2009, and hosts a ClueCon like annual developer conference called FreeSWITCH Developers Salon in China. He is the author of <FreeSWITCH the Definitive Guide> (Chinese Edition).


Diego Gosmar – INGO

Successful international speaker, Diego Gosmar is a manager with over 20 years of experience in the ICT sector and a writer with a passion for innovation. He is the a Telco expert and author of the new book “Machine Learning – The sixth chakra of Artificial Intelligence.”

Diego’s experience is linked to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) with particular attention to speech analysis, sentiment analysis, omni, and customer service applications through advanced forecasting and IVR models, especially related to Open Source applications.

Artificial Intelligence applications for Contact Center

Nowadays, Artificial Intelligence can use Machine Learning algorithms to provide benefits in the call center space, especially when we can deal with some high-quality Telco Data.

Three main AI applications for contact center will be described, from Conversational AI and Sentiment Analysis, to the Agent Recommendation application with Recurring Neural Networks and Generative Transformer.

Not just benefits, but also some main challenges and case studies will be tackled: dealing with conversations by using machine learning and AI is an opportunity, however proper dialog design and multiple other techniques must be considered to experience good performances.

Alessandro Polidori Bio

Senior Software Engineer, with more than 8 years of experience in web technologies, distributed architectures and agile methodologies. Expert in Node.js and Linux I am involved in design, implementation of code that powers core services, REST APIs, WebSocket communications and client side Web Applications with real-time WebRTC audio and video, applied to VoIP PBX systems. Open source enthusiast (personally and for work) I have taken part on some international conferences, speaking about WebRTC used in audio and video calls at “Astricon 2018” – Orlando and speaking about the Nextcloud NethServer integration at “Nextcloud conf 2018” in Berlin.


Matteo Valentini

Developer at Nethesis and open source contributor of Nethserver linux distribution . His skills vary from, systems and networks administration, linux embedded system engineering, and cloud automation. Currently his interests splits between backend development, infrastructure development and automation of all the thing!


Abbi Minessale

This is Abbi’s 12th ClueCon and 3rd year running ClueCon’s annual Hack-A-Thon: the Coder Games. She is the Content Strategist at SignalWire and is so excited to see everyone at ClueCon Deconstructed this year. Join her on August 5th for a day of techy and not so techy fun where we will be hosting two different challenges. Navigate through a series of riddles, puzzles, and coding challenges in our live action game of ‘Clue’ or come demonstrate a game of your making in our ‘Game Theory’ challenge.