Piotr Gregor

Piotr is a Software Developer at SignalWire. He works mostly with C code in FreeSWITCH. He works with VOIP since 2014. He holds a financial-engineering degree from Poznan University of Economics. He is actively contributing to media/RTP stack in FreeSWITCH, most recently being working on SFU/simulcast and STIR-Shaken.


Daniel Christian Bogos Bio

He is the founder of ITsysCOM [www.itsyscom.com], experienced communications architect and VoIP specialist. Dan is a double graduate of Politehnica University, Timisoara, with post-graduate specialization in Communication Protocols and Software Development. A frequent and well-known contributor to the Open Source community, most noticeably being the co-founder of CGRateS Project[www.cgrates.org], Dan is a firm believer in merging the very best production-ready software to create high-quality, scalable and cost-effective communications solutions


Kevin Garabedian

Kevin is a Stack Engineer here at SignalWire. He’s been coding for almost twenty years and has touched almost every industry from banking conversions including Y2K, big media, industrial controls, to embedded devices. Ultimately, his passion is communications, and he is extremely excited to see and be part of the next big thing and disrupt the industry.


Fred Posner

Fred Posner is a VoIP consultant and member of the Kamailio project. For ten years, Fred helped his wife, Yeni Monroy, run Bearkery®, a family bakery in Gainesville, Florida. The bakery sadly closed during the COVID19 pandemic. Contact Fred at qxork.com.


David Duffett Bio

David is a Geek that has been publicly Speaking and teaching for more than 25 years, from London to Los Angeles, Berlin to Beirut, Kingston to Kuala Lumpur, Mumbai to Melbourne, and Mexico City! He loves communications technology has served as the Worldwide Community Director for the Asterisk® project! David has always been grateful to the Geeks that build the various technologies he speaks about, and he wants to give back – by helping Geeks to Speak! [Asterisk is a registered trademark of Digium – A Sangoma Company]


Chad Hart Bio

Chad is an analyst and consultant at cwh.consulting, a product management, marketing, and strategy advisory helping to advance the communications industry. Chad’s recent experience and projects include authoring an extensive report on the applications of Artificial Intelligence in Real Time Communications, managing a new product incubator program, launching a WebRTC startup, product marketing, and product ownership of various IP communications, WebRTC, and CPaaS offers. Chad is a frequent speaker, blogger/editor at webrtcHacks.com and cogint.ai, and event organizer with Kranky Geek and WebRTC Boston.


Diego Gosmar

Diego is a serial international speaker, providing several educational presentations about innovation in the omni-channel space, and recently involved in the Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence applications around the customer care market.

He is also the author of two successful books about Open Source VoIP, Machine Learning and AI.

Diego has been driving the XCALLY international expansion, covering now more than 60 countries worldwide all over the continents, managing key partners and hundreds of customers spread from all over the world.

He loves writing about innovation, working with the international community and playing golf.