What are the Coder Games?

The Coder Games are a Hack-A-Thon event made up of four different challenges. The Maker Challenge, the SignalWire Challenge, and Freecycled hacks.

Can I participate in more than one challenge?

Yes, we encourage this! Not only can you participate in several challenges, but you can combine them as well!

When is this happening?

July 23rd, 2018 in Lucerne between 9:00am and 5:00pm. All materials are provided and judging begins at 4:00pm!

How do I win?

A panel of judges decides the winner of all challenges. Winners are decided based on creativity, success, and entertainment value. Additionally, all entries will be entered into a facebook poll for a chance to win the fan favorite prize. All Coder Games participants get an exclusive T-shirt, and winners of specific challenges win special prizes. The grand prize this year is a 3D printer!

What is The Maker Challenge?

The Maker challenge using Raspberry Pi and arduino sensors to build a machine that can solve a simple challenge. We provide the Raspberry Pi, and you provide the solution!

What is the SignalWire Challenge?

This challenge utilize SignalWire, a cloud based API that unlocks many FreeSWITCH features. Creativity is rewarded in this challenge so start thinking about what you will create. Impress the judges to win prizes!

What is FreeCYCLED Hacks?

FreeCYCLED Hacks is the newest addition to the Coder Games. We are challenging groups and soloists to create a machine out of provided everyday materials that can solve a specific problem. This year, the goal is to move a ping pong ball one foot forward without touching it.

Do I need to have extensive tech experience for FreeCYCLED Hacks?

No! While tech skills may help competitors combine Coder Game challenges, they are in no way necessary. If you can work a hot glue gun, you are more than qualified!

Can I start the FreeCYCLED Hacks now?

Sort of! While the materials are a surprise and building can only be done on July 23rd, planning ahead is encouraged! There are so many ways to solve this challenge, and as a hint, we have a few videos that may inspire some solutions:

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