ClueCon’s Coder Games is filled with games and fun for every attendee, included with your ClueCon admission. Whether you like to code your way to the prize or are a builder at heart, there is something for everyone. You can work as a team or go solo as you utilize the provided materials to build your creation and win prizes!

ClueCon TGI2021 will not include the Coder Games. Mark your calendars for August 2021, when the next Coder Games will take place.

 Get a Clue

Oh no! Mr. James Body’s Dangerous Demos event has been hacked! Come play our live action version of the game ‘Clue’ as you or your team navigate through a series of riddles, puzzles, and coding challenges to solve this crime. This challenge will take place on August 5th at 10am-12pm CST. The first individual or team to solve the mystery will win a limited edition ClueCon Deconstructed prize. Coding experience is not required but may help you reach the finish line faster…good luck!

Clue Rules

“Game Theory”

Wanna play a game? This challenge is for all of our developers out there who are looking for a fun and creative competition. The rules are simple: build your own game using SignalWire APIs or that connects to SignalWire! This can range from playing roulette on the phone, go-fish over SMS, or the web application of your dreams…the world is your oyster. This challenge is officially open so you can start building now.
Demonstrations and prizes will be awarded on August 5th at 10am-12pm CST.

Game Theory Rules

Past Entries

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