ClueCon 2023 Speakers

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Keynote Presenter 

Anthony has more than 25 years of experience in software engineering, beginning with the web hosting boom in the mid-90’s, which eventually led to a career dedicated to advancing software-defined telecom. He was the original founder and author of an open-source software defined telecommunications platform called “FreeSWITCH”, created in 2005. Today, the FreeSWITCH platform is used as a critical component by enterprises worldwide, including; Zoom Phone, Five9, Amazon Connect, Vonage and Dialpad.

Kamailio with FreeSWITCH B2BUA

Sometimes, you just want a B2BUA that’s not touching media. FreeSWITCH does this very well and with Kamailio and RTPengine you have a very scalable, high performant B2BUA SBC. The presentation will discuss some load tests and sample configurations.

Singularity AI for Smart Mobility and Disabilities 

Diegos’s Talk will show a concept of a driverless boat experience by using Open Source communications, in order to provide omnichannel voice, chat, and video support to the users. The concept is focused on people with disabilities; it will show how to use AI combined with open source communications for helping support inclusion and diversity. Different AI uses for driverless services will be analyzed, starting from conversational AI to CX recommendations.

Sonic Boom! A Guileless Guide (to the Evolution & Untethering) of AI Voice

Evan is the CTO and Co-Founder of SignalWire, a cloud-native communications infrastructure company. His passion today is for developers that need to build video, calling, or messaging into their websites and apps with cross-platform SDKs and API’s.

Breaking Down Barriers: Bridging WebRTC with SIP 

Alberto’s presentation will talk about lessons learned and explore different approaches to bridging WebRTC and SIP, discussing the advantages and disadvantages. Bridging WebRTC with SIP is essential in many industries, such as remote healthcare, education, and customer support, where current modern video solutions must communicate with telephony infrastructure at scale. The integration of WebRTC-based video conferencing with legacy SIP-based systems enables seamless communication across platforms and devices.

                                          Smart Building Interactions with NG911 for                                 Increased Situational Awareness

Next Generation 911 solutions and networks are being deployed across the US at a record pace. The archaic 50 yr old architectures of yesterday are quickly eroding. In their place, new digital networks with advanced capabilities are replacing them. But what will feed these new networks? Are we creating new tech destined for extinction? Or, can we utilize and harness the vast data stores in our current networks and IoT data planes and cycle this information into intelligent AI instances that can evaluate and logically direct responders to where they are most needed.

Cloud Migrations from a Solutions Architect Perspective

Jon Gray and Luca Pradovera will show what it is like to experience what it is like to think as a Solutions Architect by learning the essential business and technical requirements and applying them to real-life use cases. Through discussion of the benefits and hurdles of cloud migrations from on-premise infrastructure, you will learn how to make intelligent cloud architecture decisions and solutions.

Cloud Migrations from a Solutions Architect Perspective

Jon Gray and Luca Pradovera will show what it is like to experience what it is like to think as a Solutions Architect by learning the essential business and technical requirements and applying them to real-life use cases. Through discussion of the benefits and hurdles of cloud migrations from on-premise infrastructure, you will learn how to make intelligent cloud architecture decisions and solutions.

SMS Regulations and the Lasting Effect on Business (and our Sanity)

Regulations on business texting aren’t slowing down anytime soon but neither is texting. Tom will explore the effects 10DLC regulations and registration have on businesses of all sizes. How one blocked message due to 10DLC regulations can change the course of a small business, and how a large business with thousands of customers will lose money if they aren’t accounting for registration fees, monthly fees, and usage fees of each and everyone of their customers.

Kamailio in the World of API’s

Integration of novelty as well as interaction with external services and systems have shifted from the classic style of leveraging code libraries and development to the use of open APIs. Reporting data and retrieving the intelligence resulted from machine learning is mostly done through REST APIs. Kamailio is known for its high capacity of routing SIP packets, connecting calls or handling registrations. This talk presents how Kamailio can still keep its reputation of a performant SIP server at the same time of offering the ability to exchange information with external systems, to involve the latest AI and ML technologies in the decision of SIP traffic processing, being it for security purposes, translations or smart selection of outbound routes.

Every Geeks’ Guide to Avoiding Sub-Optimal Presentations

The majority of presentations given around the world are about average! Make sure yours is not one of them, especially when your audience may contain non-Geeks. The chances are that you will find yourself having to make a presentation to non-technical people at some stage. It could be to get your next job, it could be to sell your product of service or maybe to raise funding for your  next amazing idea….. Attend this session to learn a framework for creating and delivering outstanding presentations that achieve your objectives every time.

You’re Not Just Tired: The Psychology of Burnout

Come and get a glimpse beneath the surface of this phenomenon in this talk pulling from both personal experiences and psychological studies. You’ll learn the basics of burnout…. what situations lead to it, and how it can intertwine with other mental challenges, including trauma, and why fixing it isn’t just as simple as taking time off work. Most importantly, you’ll learn things you can start doing now to bounce back from burnout, and how to prevent it for yourself and others in the future.

Unleashing the Potential of AI in Telephony Security and Analysis: Advanced Voice Biometrics and Transcription Technology

In this presentation, Ruchir will explore how advanced AI-powered voice biometrics and transcription technology are revolutionizing telephony security and analysis. By leveraging AI to identify callers through voice biometrics and transcribe calls, this technology provides unmatched security and efficiency for organizations of all kinds. He will discuss the potential benefits of this technology, including increased accuracy, speed, and cost savings, and showcase real-world examples of its successful implementation. Join us to discover how AI-driven voice biometrics and transcription technology is unleashing the full potential of telephony for improved security and analysis.

The Power of Love Web

In this session we’ll go through the power of the web. At CommCon 2023 Dan brought back “Just an RTC Minute”, a hilarious adaptation of a game originating from BBC Radio 4. In 2019 they ran the game for the first time – congealed together with an electron app, some “Buzz” buzzers and a MIDI controller. It was powered by electron because the web browser couldn’t talk to the buzzers. Its now 2023 and the web has a new super power – webhid. We never open sourced the code form 2019 because it just didn’t work well. 2023 meant being able to make an open source app all can use; released on github and available online as a PWA. Come learn about how we the web is truly powerful as well as some of its pitfalls when it comes to making phone calls.

OpenSIPS and SIPhub Updates

Tune in for a primer on the OpenSIPS 3.4 LTS release, focused on consolidation, conformity and performance testing. Learn about the new SIPssert project and how you can use it to build CI flows that automatically hunt for regressions in your VoIP platform with each new update pushed to it. Finally, a brief discussion on the SIPhub endeavor by OpenSIPS Solutions and its main goals.

The Future of Voice – No Numbers

Telephone numbers are an artifact of a bygone age but we still use them. Islands of connectivity have been emerging now for over a quarter of a century and more are on the horizon. Just like the hard wired telephone world of the 1890’s it’s a tangled mess, but now it’s a hidden underworld of integration chaos. Colin Constable co-founder of Atsign a veteran of both the Voice and the Data world suggests there might just be a way to solve the chaos together.

Pitch Perfect, The Magic of Getting Funding

Are you passionate about your product yet have a hard time explaining yourself in a clear and concise way and getting yes? Learn the top 3 secrets to creating a compelling elevator pitch for tech startup founders who are struggling to secure funding. Leveraging an award-winning storytelling framework, whether you are building a 1-minute elevator pitch over a cocktail event, to a formal 5-minute investor pitch in a board room setting, you will get the “yes” immediately from investors and customers. So you can focus on making an impact, growing your business, and launching the next generation of a billion-dollar company.

SWSH: The SignalWire Interactive SHell

Shane joins the ClueCon stage to cover the topics of how “SWSH” came to be, and the reasons why you need it. He will demonstrate how to install and how to use it with a SignalWire Space.

GPUs for Highly Parallel Audio Processing

While GPUs are well known tools to tackle certain particular work loads, such as graphics processing and machine learning, their use for audio processing and encoding has been very limited to non-existent. This presentation will highlight the technical reasons why this is, explain what you can do about it, and demonstrate what the developers at Sipwise have done about it.

Monitoring and Troubleshooting Distributed RTC Applications

Monitoring technologies can help detect problems in production and complement debugging tools in the development environment. When call flows pass through multiple server processes with different logging systems it can be daunting to see the exact sequence of events leading up to an error. In this session, we examine tactics for aggregating logs and performance data from multiple RTC processes and reporting on the data for purposes of production support and development work. In particular, we will look at some patches for Asterisk, Kamailio, reSIProcate, Kurento and Gstreamer that add support for structured logging and the presentation of these logs in tools like OpenSearch/ElasticSearch, performance metrics with Ganglia and some other tools.

Willow: Open Source, Private, and Completely Self Hosted Voice User Interface for $50

In this presentation, Kristian will give background on the origination of Willow and the challenges of far-field speech recognition. He will also provide a technical and architectural overview, as well as share some of the interesting and fun things we’ve learned along the way!

Practical Face Swapping Technology for Fun and Profit

In this session, Maksym will be giving a 30 minute step by step workflow and demo of using open source DeepFaceSwap AI technology to make a fun video for the OpenSIPS Summit 2023 featuring Bordan Iancu as well as other well known members of the OpenSIPS community performing “I am on a Boat” song by Lonely Island, as well as demonstrate the resulting product. Along with information on a specific workflow the presentation will include some useful hints and tips of setting up a machine-learning rig.

Pranks Gone Right: How an AI Telephony Chat Bot Ruined My Telemarketer Prank for the Better

Join me on a laughter-filled journey where I attempt to outsmart relentless SPAM callers using AI and VoIP: Meet Lenette, a dim-witted chatbot designed to prank telemarketers. Lenette’s conversations take a shocking turn, showcasing the untapped potential of AI when building voice applications.
Follow along as I share live demos and explore the broader implications of this prank, uncovering untapped use cases and exploring the versatility of AI when building real-world products.

Realtime Streaming On-Device ASR

In this session, Joachim will discuss how to train your own models for on device speech to text recognition.

EC2 to K8S in 300 days

Overview of our journey to a kubernetes based architecture. Jeff will go over performance, node sizing, ingress difficulties, security, and expected resiliency with some DR test results.

Beyond VoIP/RTC: The QXIP Observability Journey

Last year we presented the qryn framework, this year we will summarize the journey that took us there and where we will go from here. From VOIP and RTC to full observability.

The History of The Future

Looking back at 2023 and what happened to Telecom over the past 10 years due to advances in: Regulatory Policy, AI, Chatbots, 6G, Blockchain and Open source

Real Time settlements using FreeSwitch, Kamailio and Solana

Today, purchasing or selling SIP termination and origination services is done through cumbersome web portals where customers buy prepaid minutes or through contract negotiations with providers. In this talk, we will propose and demonstrate a new method and newly developed open source tooling for real time settlements using only existing features of the SIP protocol and the Solana crypto-currency. Additionally, we will demonstrate how providers and their customers can utilize an on-chain directory (“smart contract”) to programmatically route calls to different providers based on price and QoS. The new open source components demonstrated will include modules and controllers for FreeSwitch, Asterisk and Kamailio using KEMI. As well as tools for publishing and retrieving rates from the solana block chain. It is important to note that we are not advocates fo rany any particular cryptocurrency but the high transaction rate and ease of development made solana an appealing choice. It is not the only crypto currency that could be used this way.

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