2022 CODER GAMES – Check back soon for 2023

ClueCon’s Coder Games is a day filled with games and fun for every attendee, included with your ClueCon admission. Whether you like to code your way to the prize or are a builder at heart, there is something for everyone. You can work as a team or go solo as you utilize the provided materials to build your creation and win prizes!

SignalWire Challenge

Create an open source application using SignalWire’s APIs/SDKs to receive $500! We are offering this reward to encourage developers to build innovative and cool open source applications using SignalWire. SignalWire offers developer tools that make communication easy to use in web and mobile applications. A key part of the submitted application needs to be communication (e.g. voice, video, dialing phone numbers and calling people or automated voice responses, or SMS/MMS). However, this does not mean that your application only has to deal with communication. We encourage integrations with third party applications (like Slack, Salesforce etc.) Learn More

 Maker Challenge

Calling all tinkerers: This year we are challenging you to build your own Arduino car and live stream an epic stunt! Kits, supplies, and code will be provided along with a few extra sensors and surprises to play and build with. Start from scratch or use the instructions we provide… but that’s just the beginning. Connect a camera and live stream footage into SignalWire Work as you jump an epic ramp and see how far you can fly! Are you ready to do whatever it takes to get to the finish line in one piece and take home an exclusive ClueCon prize?

FreeCYCLED Hacks

Do you like to apply your hacking skills to real life too? Have you ever used a paperclip and a rubber band to fix something? Then this is the competition for you! Show off your skills by building a functioning projectile that tests your aim and accuracy as we challenge you to shoot various objects through different sized hoops. Creativity is always the way to go with this challenge and feel free to work with a friend. How far can your projectile fly while maintaining peak accuracy? Can your projectile make it through the smallest hoop? Join us at ClueCon and see if you can score enough points to take home the grand prize!

Past Entries

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