Panels & Roundtables

AI Roundtable

Tuesday, August 15th
4:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Hear about the latest developments, where the industry is going, and get some of your questions answered by the experts who have been using AI before it was trendy.


Moderator: Evan McGee
Chief Technology Officer – SignalWire

Evan is the CTO and Co-Founder of SignalWire. His passion today is for developers that need to build video, calling, or messaging into their websites and apps with cross-platform SDK’s and API’s


Anthony Minessale
Founder – FreeSWITCH

Anthony has more than 25 years of experience in software engineering, beginning with the web hosting boom in the mid-’90s, which eventually led to a career dedicated to advancing Software-Defined Telecommunications.

Anthony was the original founder and author of an Open-Source Software-Defined Telecommunications platform called FreeSWITCH, created in 2005. Today, the FreeSWITCH platform is used as a critical component by enterprises worldwide, including Zoom|Phone, Five9, Amazon Connect, Vonage, and Dialpad.

James Tagg
Chief Architect – World Mobile Group

James is a technology entrepreneur, inventor, and author working in the field of communications, man machine interfaces and AI. He founded Moonstone, which developed the first zone capacitive touchscreens and Truphone, the first converged VoIP and GSM carrier. In 2015 he published the book “Are the Androids Dreaming Yet?”,  that explores the attempts to emulate the human brain using digital computers.

Kristian Kielhofner
Founder – Tovera

Kristian is the founder and CTO of Tovera. He has spent his entire career developing technology solutions for interesting problems.  He has been using Asterisk since 2004, Intertwined with FreeSWITCH since 2006 and the creator of Willow, which was unveiled this year.

Diego Gosmar
Chief Innovation Evangelist – XCALLY

Diego is a Passionate Visionary Innovator with many years of experience and International Evangelist in the ICT and Telco industry.  Currently he is the VP of International Operations & Chief Innovation Evangelist at INGO S.p.A. Since December 2019 Xenialab is part of the INGO Spa group, and Diego is focusing on the International Operation growth together with the AI and Product Advocacy. XCALLY provides one of the best Artificial Intelligence driven Omni Channel software along with effective User Experience for any customer care industry.
Diego’s technical experience is deeply related to Machine Learning and AI with particular focus on speech analytics, NLP, Generative AI models and Synthetic data, MLOPS, Insight AI for Quality Assurance and Data Science applications.

Jeff Pulver
Founder –

Jeff helped change the way the world communicates and shaped the worldwide market acceptance of VoIP. He is an internet pioneer that has founded/co-founded numerous startups, like; Free World Dialup, VON, Vivox, and Vonage.  In 1995 defined “VON” to stand for Voice/Video on the Net. Jeff’s public policy work in Washington contributed to the reason services like: FaceTime, Messenger and WhatsApp are free.

Eli Yelluas
Chief Architect & Head of Integrations – Replicant

Eli has over 20 years of experience developing software for the web, building products, managing projects and bleeding edge R&D. He is proactive and curious, and extremely passionate about technology. His specialties range from full stack development, to telephony, to cloud technology and more!