What is ClueCon?

ClueCon is a conference for developers by developers: an annual technology conference hosted by the team behind the FreeSWITCH open source project. ClueCon gathers together various open source projects to discuss Voice over IP, open source software and hardware, Telecommunications, WebRTC, and IoT. Many open source projects have been represented over the years, including FreeSWITCH, Kamailio, Asterisk, OpenSIPS, FusionPBX, Janus, HOMER, and more! Join us for this year’s conference in Chicago on October 17th-20th.

The week starts with the Coder Games, a hack-a-thon devoted to coding and building technology. The Coder Games is filled with games and fun for every attendee, included with your ClueCon admission. Whether you like to code your way to the prize or you’re a builder at heart, there is something for everyone. You can work as a team or go solo as you utilize the provided materials to build your creation and win prizes!

The following three days are packed with presentations by brilliant industry leaders from around the world covering all aspects of WebRTC, IoT, and Telephony. The fifth day, after the conference has ended, has training sessions available for purchase, covering popular technology products.

Each night of the conference is a fun and unique networking opportunity, complete with tasty Chicago meals. Play games, explore local restaurants, set sail on Lake Michigan, and jam out at the annual Gigabit Reception!

Why attend ClueCon?

ClueCon offers something for everyone, from a software developer playing with new ideas to the CEO of a technology company looking to take advantage of real-time communication. It’s a comfortable setting for developers of all kinds with lots of opportunities for networking and sharing ideas. ClueCon is like no other conference, so if you’d like to see interactive demos, creative problem solving, predictions about the industry, cool tech passion projects, or you’d like to learn more about open source platforms and how to use them, come join us in Chicago this year!

Each year, the informative presentations are a huge part of what makes ClueCon so useful for our attendees. In the world of open source telecom, there are so many passionate, knowledgeable, experienced developers who have plenty to share about their work. These speakers will also be around later to answer any questions, hang out, and chat! Three days of the conference will be packed with presentations, and there will be daily open source workshops as well.

ClueCon isn’t just educational though – we know how to have fun too! The evening events like The Gigabit Reception are a great way to meet fellow developers and chat with leaders in the world of open source telecom. Enjoy drinks, board games, hors d’oeuvres, video games, the popular underground guitar jam session and the highly anticipated ClueCon Karaoke. Every night of the conference offers festive networking opportunities, and plenty of chances to explore Chicago!

About FreeSWITCH and SignalWire

Anthony Minessale, FreeSWITCH founder and SignalWire CEO, is a man with a vision. When he started coding FreeSWITCH, only a handful of people could see it. The question, “who’s gonna put all their calls on the internet?” seems ridiculous now, but that was the issue at the time. The barrier to entry was extremely high for FreeSWITCH, and so, just over a decade later, SignalWire was born. Anthony ended up with something that put a permanent dent in the way we communicate. SignalWire is the evolution of decades of engineering time, prepared to transform the entire landscape of communications into pure software.

FreeSWITCH made things easier, but it’s not that easy to learn. Starting SignalWire became a necessity so that anybody can just use an API to quickly do whatever they need. The spirit of FreeSWITCH and software-defined telecom is extended into SignalWire.

SignalWire is being built by the majority of those who made FreeSWITCH what it is, including all 3 founding members: Anthony Minessale, Brian West, and Michael Jerris. Its mission is to get the world to take interactive extensible communications tools for granted and provide a medium that equally empowers users and developers. The full potential of this vision is unfolding bit by bit.

The first ClueCon was actually the event that led to the founding of FreeSWITCH. Who knows what big idea will form at the next one?