Lunch & Learns

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Monday August 12th
Time: 1:00-1:30pm CT

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Hosted by: TBD

Tuesday August 13th
Time: 1:00-1:30pm CT

SIP Transport Layer Gateway with Kamailio

SIP has been designed to cope very well with various transport layer protocols, it can be transmitted over UDP, TCP, TLS, SCTP or WebSocket (WebRTC). Kamailio supports all of them and it is well know for its high capacity of processing, thus making it suitable to offload some of the complexity incurred from the transport layers such as TLS or WebSocket at the edge of the core telephony platform and forward internally using a more lightweight protocol such as UDP or TCP. Join this session to learn how to build a transport layer gateway with Kamailio and get a few tips and tricks to make it secure and scalable.

Hosted by: Daniel-Constantin Mierla

Wednesday August 14th
Time: 12:45-1:30pm CT

Topic Coming Soon

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Hosted by: Luca Pradovera

Thursday August 15th
Time: 1:15-1:45pm CT

Meet Homer 10

Join this lunch n’ learn to discover Homer 10 and its integration with Observability.

Hosted by: Jachen Duschletta

Past Workshops at ClueCon

Advanced Configuration and Application Development
We will start with a brief review of a FreeSWITCH minimal configuration, delving into best practices and tips for managing your instances. The most common application patterns to interact with a web endpoint will be applied to build a complete PBX/IVR proof of concept. The main focus will be on mod_xml_curl and related modules, and CDR extraction. WebRTC support will be introduced through the Verto protocol, and we will build a web based video conferencing application. We will also examine a few examples of how to integrate advanced SignalWire features into your FreeSWITCH applications with minimal effort.

Hands on workshop to build functional, zoom-like, video meeting application
In this workshop we’ll build a fully functional zoom-like video conferencing application with the SignalWire Video API.
Together, we’ll build both a web-based frontend and a server-side, command and control, application “server”. The workshop will provide reusable components and step by step directions to build the application. Developers with all skill levels and with experience in any tech stack are welcome. At the end of this workshop, you will walk out with a fully functional video application that you can use with your team. We’ll even tell you how to host the application for free.

Janus as a WebRTC enabler
It’s very easy to have Janus interact with applications that only understand plain RTP, and thus allow non-WebRTC applications to interact with WebRTC users. In this context, Janus indeed acts as a WebRTC enabler. This workshop will present a few practical examples, like how to interact with legacy endpoints, how to turn a plain RTP stream to a WebRTC broadcast, how to consume and use WebRTC media for different use cases (e.g., media processing), and how to take advantage of this feature to create a scalable application as well.

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