Richa Daga – CISCO

Richa Daga is an international technical speaker, author, mentor and an engineer by heart. As a Software Lead at Cisco, she works in the development of products which pioneer the breakthroughs to build internet of the future. Prior to it, she worked at Ciena and has developed cutting-edge hardware supporting terabits of speed. She is a recognised IoT Thought Leader and talks about disruptive technologies at the global Internet of Things Community’s conferences, IEEE Women in Engineering International Leadership Conference and Women in Tech Global Conference. She spearheads Diversity and Inclusion initiatives and is passionate about technologies connecting the world.

Open Optical Networks to power the Internet of the future

What makes applications such as video streaming, conference call, online gaming possible?
How are we able to sustain the high bandwidth demands of today’s digital world of 5G and IoT? Most importantly, are we future-ready to face the exponential traffic growth in the network?
Join this session at ClueCon’22 to take an informative ride through the optical solutions which make it all possible. With the emergence of disruptive technology innovations and industry initiatives, it’s high time that we embrace the future with open networking for optical systems.

Alec Fenichel – TransNexus

Alec Fenichel is the Chief Technology Officer of TransNexus in Atlanta, Georgia. He joined TransNexus in 2015 as a Software Architect. Alec has led the development of ClearIP, a cloud platform for STIR/SHAKEN, robocall prevention, toll fraud prevention, and least cost routing. He is a frequent technical speaker on STIR/SHAKEN topics. He is an active contributor to the ATIS/SIP Forum IP-NNI Task Force, PTSC Non-IP Call Authentication Task Force, and NANC Call Authentication and Trust Anchor Working Group. Alec is a graduate of Georgia Institute of Technology where he earned bachelor’s degrees in Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering.

The In-Depth Guide to STIR/SHAKEN

 In this presentation, Alec will provide a comprehensive guide to STIR/SHAKEN. Topics will include regulatory requirements, technical specifications, practical implementation details, and future enhancements to the standards.

Arpit Modi – Inextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Co-Founder and CEO at Inextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd. having more than 14 years of experience in telecommunication. He is fond of agile software development methodologies, amply trained with end-to-end solution development. He is a gifted team leader with different skills, including managing teams, helping and motivate professionals to build innovative and futuristic software solutions based on open source technologies.

Build Telecom Business with OpenSource Platform

ASTPP – An OpenSource VoIP Telephony Platform based on FreeSWITCH

ASTPP has been empowering various VoIP businesses and service providers with its amazing open source VoIP solutions. It is regarded as one of the top VoIP billing solutions and the #1 open source FreeSWITCH-driven VoIP platform, which automates invoicing and billing processes completely.

ASTPP is one of few solutions that support the N-level reseller structure. It uses cutting edge technologies like FreeSWITCH and OpenSIPS as core technologies to provide the most robust, reliable, and scalable solutions.


Mira Georgieva – Zoiper

16 years in the field.
Co-managing Zoiper – softphone app, and part of Banafo – speech recognition AI transcripts.
A meetings expert per se.

So You Think You Can Meet

Meetings are a huge part of our (business) life. I upped my meetings game and I cannot wait to share it with you!

Office meetings, partner meetings, VC meetings, customer meetings, social meetings.
Face to face, or over the web, meetings can suck big time.
Make your meetings work for you!
No BS. No condescension. No advertisement.

Your takeaway:
Meeting methods and techniques, no more feeling awkward, no extraordinary soft skills required
Time-saving actions that depend on you
Types of tools to meet better

Alexandra Rowell – SignalWire

Alex is currently the Community Relations Manager at SignalWire. With experience building communities at startups and managing communities around several of Microsoft’s largest brands, Alex’s passion is in helping products to meet the needs of the people using them. Her goal is to be a bridge between the developers using SignalWire technology and the teams working to design and build that technology.

Open Source Communities: When and How to Get Involved

Code contributions aren’t the only way to get involved with an Open Source project you believe in. Whether you’re writing documentation, reporting issues, creating learning materials, or something else entirely, learn how you can play a supporting role in your favorite Open Source projects.

Dan Jenkins – Nimble Ape Ltd.

Dan runs the Real Time Communication consultancy Nimble Ape Ltd. Dan has recently started a new business called Broadcaster VC Ltd, aimed at AV Professionals bringing in remote talent into existing AV workflows – of course utilising WebRTC at its very core.

I’m a control freak

I’m a control freak. And you should be too!

Building the first version of Broadcaster.VC was _easy_ (or at least the RTC portion of it was…) but ultimately it was a proof of concept that more than a few close colleagues and friends could use. It was actually still quite difficult to run end to end and ultimately that’s the pain prospective customers faced. Becoming a control freak allowed us to get past those problems and gain traction with potential customers quicker.

Dovid Bender – Flat Planet Phone

Dovid has been working for Flat Planet phone for the last 16+ years as employee #2. Over time he has helped bring the company from several servers to multiple POP’s around the world including France, New York, Cyprus, and Israel. Dovid’s major skill set is in telephony, networking, and troubleshooting. A big part of what he does is solving customers issues be it bugs, faulty networks etc.

Mojtaba Esfandiari.S – NasimTelecom

Mojtaba is a Phd Student in Software engineering at Azad University of Mashhad. His research is related to Content Delivery and QoE in Video Streaming. He is a VoIP consultant and software engineer that focused on SIP service solutions for operators and carriers and works as R&D manager in NasimTelecom. He is Technical Manager at IPPBX laboratory in Ferdowsi University on Mashhad with 15 years of experience in developing software switches and working with them, like Kamailio, Opensips, Asterisk, Freeswitch. I am member of Kamailio developer project.

LRKProxy as IMS Media Gateway (IMS-MG) in IMS

The LRKProxy is a Light RTP engine that works in Kernel space in Linux. It works as a type of packet classification in router architecture for relaying RTP packets. It has been developed as a module in the Kamailio project. In the upcoming presentation, I want to talk about how we can use LRKProxy as IMS-MG in IMS solutions.

Maksym Sobolyev – Sippy Software, Inc.

Open-source/free-software afficionado. Long term supporter of and contributor to SER, OpenSIPS, Kamailio, Asterisk (and many others). Author of RTPProxy and Sippy B2BUA / SIP stack. Entrepreneur, co-founder and CEO of the Sippy Software, Inc.


VoIPTests: What is it and how it can be used in a telco environment?

In his presentation, Maksym will be talking about the lesser-known open source project VoIPTests, a set of tools that we developed to address continuous integration problem for several well-known VoIP projects that we care about and its potential applications outside of that domain.

Joachim Vanheuverzwijn – Banafo

Ex voice engineer.
Co-founder and CTO @ zoiper.
Co-found of Banafo.
Ex Asterisk Guru
Unhealthy interest in distributed ledgers, smart contracts and their telecom applications


Deepfake it until you make it: Cloning Allison’s voice

What would you do if you could clone the most popular IVR voice in the world: Allison?
Racist rants! Obscene subtitles! Scam calls! Allison The Voice (TM) would never help you with that!
But would our Text to Speech model of her voice? Also no!
But did we manage to clone Allison’s voice dangerously well to fool her husband? Come to our talk and find out!