ClueCon’s Coder Games is a day filled with games and fun for every attendee, included with your ClueCon admission. Whether you like to code your way to the prize or are a builder at heart, there is something for everyone. You can work as a team or go solo as you utilize the provided materials to build your creation and win prizes! Test test test

Can’t make ClueCon but want to participate in Monday’s Coder Games? This year we offer a la carte admission to the Coder Games! Admission includes lunch, swag  and access to the Coder Games. Student rates are available, inquire with sharon@signalwire.com


  Cloud API Challenge by SignalWire

This challenge that will last throughout the week and is based around using the SignalWire API. SignalWire is a gateway that unleashes the many powerful features in FreeSWITCH. Impress the judges with your originality, efficiency, and overall coding ability to win prizes for both a one day challenge and prizes for the individual or group that builds their idea out throughout the week.

 Man Vs Machine

In this high energy, tournament style challenge, coders will face off and move up through the ranks until the final challenge. In order to be the champion of this game, you’ll have to study up on your trivia as well as your coding skills. Attendees will battle it out to complete different challenges in order to get the highest score. Do you have what it takes to make it to the end and win the grand prize?

 Maker Challenge

This challenge is all things maker! Arduino Uno R3 Kits with breadboard, jumpers, motors, miscellaneous sensors and code will be provided to play and build with. Start from scratch or use the instructions we provide…but that’s just the beginning. This year we challenge everyone to build their own self driving car. Will you be able to complete the obstacle course? Only the brave will prevail and be rewarded with a coveted 15th anniversary prize.

FreeCYCLED Hacks

Do you like to apply your hacking skills to real life too? Have you ever used a paperclip and a rubber band to fix something? Then this is the competition for you! Show off your skills by building a contraption out of everyday materials and compete to win a prize! Creativity is always the way to go with this challenge, and feel free to work with a friend!

Past Entries

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