FreeSWITCH 101

Friday, October 21st, 9AM-1PM CST
Price: $299.99

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 Training Synopsis

 How to install FreeSWITCH

Learn how to install a base operating system Debian in a Docker environment, install FreeSWITCH packages for production use, and compile FreeSWITCH from source code for lab/QA use.

 Registering and making calls between endpoints

Learn how to register WebRTC endpoints and other third party softphones (Linphone, Zoiper, etc…) to FreeSWITCH for the ability to make internal calls between various endpoints. Review common settings in third-party software to enable video calling.

 Utilizing a FreeSWITCH Connector

Install and setup a FreeSWITCH Connector to SignalWire CLOUD. Enabling service via mod_signalwire provides a zero-config gateway for incoming and outgoing calls within FreeSWITCH.

 Administering various configuration files

Learn about numerous configuration files via XML. We’ll cover the primary variable config file, Sofia SIP configuration, SIP Profiles, Dialplan (Internal & External) for call routing, User configs, Group configs, and what are dialstrings and channel variables.

 Enable and configure modules

Learn to compile, install, and configure additional modules not covered in the default vanilla configuration of FreeSWITCH. Modules augment the capabilities FreeSWITCH and extend into various realms of advanced usage of FreeSWITCH.

 Video Teleconferencing

Dive into the world of video teleconferencing. We’ll learn about how to configure conference layouts, add a moderator to the conference, do screen sharing, review conference controls, give participants the floor, and adding associated dialplan entries.

 SignalWire CLOUD

SignalWire CLOUD is a new platform for building advanced communications products, applications, or enterprise infrastructure. Save time and resources by building your next product using the Signalwire REST API’s, all without the need to manage your own FreeSWITCH servers. Let SignalWire manage the infrastructure so you focus on your application.