OpenSIPS Workshop: Tuesday, August 4th
Time: 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm CT

OpenSIPS Calling API

Starting version 3.1, OpenSIPS provides an WebSockets based API for controlling and managing the call going via OpenSIPS – it allows you to create, mute, transfer or terminate calls. The API also provides back events to notify you about the changes on the calls you manage. The workshop will demonstrate how easy is to remotely (even Web) manage your OpenSIPS calls by using the new Call API.

About the instructors:  Razvan Crainea / Bogdan Iancu

Bogdan is leading the OpenSIPS project – currently one of the fast developing and reliable SIP server for the VoIP industry. He started in 2000 with the first contact to VoIp/SIP at the Fokus Fraunhofer Research Institute as co-founded of SER “SIP Express Router” project (a GPL SIP Router). The work is continued in 2006 with OpenSER which is renamed in 2008 as OpenSIPS.