Reason to Attend ClueCon #5

 We have four official networking events including “Fun, Food, and Festivities by Flowroute and FreeSWITCH”


There are a million reasons to attend ClueCon and we’re going to do our best to name them all! Reason number five is that we have four networking events, including Fun, Food, and Festivities by Flowroute and FreeSWITCH, all planned with developers in mind.

Specialized restaurants are a staple to Chicago tourism and we wouldn’t want you to miss out on anything that the Windy City has to offer! Join us for our second year of southern-comfort style food with a side of sass; this restaurant features an eccentric twist that will guarantee a lot of laughs. The servers at Last Resort are encouraged to lightheartedly antagonize its customers…but don’t worry! You’ll have your ClueCon family to back you up.

You can learn more about our other networking events here!