SignalWire workshop: Tuesday, August 4th
Time: 8:30 am ā€“ 9:30 am CT

SignalWire Cloud 101

The goal of the workshop is to briefly introduce the SignalWire Cloud offering, including inbound and outbound calls, messaging and number provisioning.
We will start with an introduction to LAML and the REST API, registering to SignalWire and provisioning a phone number, and making our first call.
SIP features reviewed will include registering an endpoint, setting up a Domain App, and dialing to and from SIP endpoints. The mod_signalwire FreeSWITCH module provides an easy way to connect your FS instance to the SignalWire cloud services.
We will wrap up the workshop by building a simple IVR.

About the instructor: Luca Pradovera
A technology enthusiast since the age of 8 thanks to his father, Luca has turned his passion into a job he loves.
There is no solution that cannot be searched for and built using any tool and any mean necessary, from modern cloud based systems to embedded microcontrollers.
His main focus is on voice applications and frameworks, and his goal is to help people and companies reach each other with the most natural medium they have: their voice.