60 minute SignalWire Workshop at ClueCon – FREE with your registration

Hands on workshop to build functional, zoom-like, video meeting application

In this workshop we’ll build a fully functional zoom-like video conferencing application with the SignalWire Video API. We’ll build the following features
    • Participant management
    • Screen sharing
    • Managing multiple audio/video sources
    • Changing the layout of participants on the screen
    • Inviting other people to a video call
    • Recording a call
    • Room management
Together, we’ll build both a web-based frontend and a server-side, command and control, application “server”. The workshop will provide reusable components and step by step directions to build the application. Developers with all skill levels and with experience in any tech stack are welcome.  At the end of this workshop, you will walk out with a fully functional video application that you can use with your team. We’ll even tell you how to host the application for free.


  • This is a fully interactive workshop so please bring your laptop to build your own copy of the application. You don’t need any particular software on your laptop since we’ll do everything in the cloud.
  • A willing (remote) colleague that you can have a working video conference to test your application

Meet the people behind SignalWire at ClueCon!

Anthony Minsessale – SignalWire Founder and CEO


Anthony has 20 years of experience in software engineering and 15 of them are dedicated to telecommunications.  In 2005, Anthony founded FreeSWITCH, the Open-Source Software-Defined Telecom engine used by the Enterprise worldwide to power their platforms.

As an avid open-source advocate, Anthony has spent his career working to create a world where open-source software is not only an effective development model or a way to get free code but also a critical component in a successful business model. He believes that by uniting the two concepts, the developers of the world can learn to accelerate ideas and then take them to the next level.

Together with a team of the best minds in the industry, Anthony founded SignalWire in 2018. SignalWire has a primary mission to bring the complex technology behind real-time communication to the mainstream. Going 2 steps beyond where FreeSWITCH leaves off, SignalWire is solving the recurring problems faced by companies today who are trying to digitally transform their legacy hardware solutions.

Aseem Asthana – SignalWire VP of Product

Helping developers build innovative communication apps with a unified communication development platform

SignalWire is building a unified communication development platform. In this talk, we’ll talk about how developers can quickly build web and mobile apps that bring voice, messaging, video together.

The focus of SignalWire’s unified communication development platform is to enable makers, builders, and developers to build apps without having to wrangle with low-level details or wrangle the UI.

We’ll showcase some starter apps and components built to help you make The Next Big Thing quickly.

Aseem is currently the VP of Products at SignalWire. He brings over 15 years of experience developing rapid growth product strategies for Symantec and Barracuda Networks. He grew the flagship email security product line from inception to hundreds of millions in annual revenue.

Evan McGee – SignalWire Founder and CTO

Evan has over a decade of deep experience with the telecommunications industry, including both executive business and technical expertise with traditional wireless MNOs/MVNOs and WebRTC/VoIP OSS. He has published patents covering both hardware and software design and is a frequent presenter at realtime/IoT conferences covering aspects such as scalable SaaS deployments, best business practices, and utilization of machine learning models in a realtime setting.

As CTO at RingPlus, Evan helped create and grow the MVNO from a blue sky project to 120k+ mobile users spread throughout the United States. This included the in-house creation of all platforms and systems from carrier integration through deployment, billing, and customer service.

As the lead on Product Research & Development, he was also instrumental in innovating a number of high profile business product offerings, including Telecom-as-a-Service (TaaS) MVNE enablement, in-call voice translation (in 2013), FluidCall (seamless legacy wireless to WiFi handoff), and innovations in telecom billing models.