Amy Negrette – DigitalOcean

Amy brings a spectrum of experience to Developer Relations at Digital Ocean. Most recently coming from the Cloud Consulting, she designed enterprise scale solutions while updating them with serverless technologies, trading in traditional web server API backends for Cloud Functions and Infrastructure as Code.

Amy came to Cloudreach looking for cloudier technologies. To find them, she left her dream job, supporting NASA’s efforts as part of ASRC Federal. She was able to stop fire fighting and prevent fires by design. She acted as a Git Resource in Ames Research Center’s IT Department and supported internal sites for Research Center Staff and public sites for Outreach and Educational Initiatives.

She also worked in the Silicon Valley Startup Scene. Initially as part of Citizen Sports, a small outfit working in the Fantasy Sports space which was then acquired by Yahoo! Fantasy Sports. Later as part of Get It Mobile that promoted user acquisition.

Simplify Application Deployments with DigitalOcean’s App Platform

Developers often don’t have the luxury of depending on a full staff of infrastructure engineers to help bring their code to production. However, shouldering them with infrastructure tasks is usually not the best use of their time. Managed services like DigitalOcean’s App Platform allows developers to deploy their application from a container registry such as Docker Hub. This talk will demonstrate how using App Platform simplifies deployments by taking care of the container orchestration and monitoring, allowing Developers to focus on building and improving their application.

Bao Nguyen – Bell Canada

A highly motivated guy who happens to know and like VoIP and FreeSWITCH

Advanced call flow automation using FreesWITCH and Python

How FreeSWITCH and Python are helping to bring back joy and effectiveness in call flow regression testing.

Sajad Sabri – NasimTelecom

Telecommunication Consultancy with interest in NGN/IMS, VoIP Solutions and IoT Research Who Published articles such as “Automatic detection of attacks to prevent disturbance in the performance of telephony switches” , “Face segmentation for use in Real-Time video coding and variable blocking to improve video ” and ” Improve Performance of RTP Relaying Sessions in IMS Transport Layer With LREProxy ”

 VoIP Performance under Pervasive Environment

We are going to check how can we consider VoIP as a part of Pervasive Environments and How can it help in daily activities in a company.

Giacomo Vacca – SignalWire

Giacomo Vacca is a Senior WebRTC Engineer at SignalWire. He’s been designing and developing RTC systems for more than 20 years, and is a user, promoter and contributor to Open Source projects in the VoIP and WebRTC domains. Giacomo lives in Sardinia, Italy with his wife and 10 year old son.

Challenges of scaling and testing at scale WebRTC applications

As WebRTC continues to dramatically lower the barriers for building RTC services, many scenarios require an infrastructure able to scale to meet customer demands. Correctly estimating the capacity, optimizing quality and minimizing costs play a fundamental role in the success of many service providers. In this presentation I talk about the main challenges for scaling and testing at scale, with an example based on SignalWire client SDK.

Fawaz Ghali – Hazelcast

Fawaz Ghali is a Developer Advocate at Hazelcast with 20+ years’ experience in software developments, machine learning and real-time intelligent applications. He holds a PhD in Computer Science and has worked in the private sector as well as Academia as a Researcher and Senior Lecturer. He has published over 46 scientific papers in the fields of machine learning and data science. His strengths and skills lie within the fields of low latency applications, IoT & Edge, distributed systems and cloud technologies.

Best Practices for Human Mobility and Real-time Machine Learning

In this talk, you will learn how you can apply real-time machine learning on multiple human mobility datasets to provide real-time predictions, using Hazelcast, the Open-Source real-time data platform. The talk will address these challenges and provide solutions and best practices on how to optimize real-time machine learning predictions on human mobility datasets in the following areas: scalability, performance, failover, reliability, and data recovery.

Martyn Davies – Inmarsat

Martyn is Principal Software Engineer at Inmarsat, one of the World’s longest established communications satellite operators. At Inmarsat, his team is responsible for maritime connectivity and in particular the Fleet Xpress product family. Martyn has worked on VoIP and telecom projects since the 90’s, with telcos, software companies and equipment suppliers.

Resilient Voice on the Ocean

Inmarsat operate satellite broadband services (Global Xpress, GX, and BGAN) that is used onboard marine vessels. Fleet Edge is a growing platform, offering data and voice services to ship crews as well as allowing value-added applications to be hosted onboard in a virtualized environment. Fleet Edge Voice has Freeswitch at its heart, allowing voice services with centrally provisioned numbering and high reliability with automatic fallback from GX to BGAN; a unique offering. Martyn will describe how Inmarsat uses Freeswitch features to provide on-ship calling and remote management from the shore.

Richard Fuchs – Sipwise

For the past 15 years Richard has been responsible for all things RTP at Sipwise, where he continues to be the main developer of RTPengine. He is entirely self-taught and uses his previous experience working in an ISP environment to combine his knowledge of network technologies with his knack for low-level software development to create high-performance and scalable open-source software, largely focused on real-time communication.

Fast kernel-level SFU with RTPengine

While RTPengine has traditionally been used mainly as a media proxy for one-to-one SIP calls, its latest versions include features that enable it to fork media to multiple destinations, allowing it to be used as SFU, conferencing service, SIPREC SRC, LI gateway, and more. These new features can be used in conjunction with its already existing feature set, which most notably include a custom Linux kernel module to facilitate high-performance and low-latency packet forwarding, as well as WebRTC bridging and audio transcoding.

Ruchir Brahmbhatt – Ecosmob Technologies

Co-founder & CTO, Ecosmob Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Having good experience in VoIP and web development.
Expertise in application as well as system level development in Asterisk, FreeSwitch & OpenSIPS.
Like to work on open source solutions.

Specialties: Project management, Linux, VoIP, Asterisk, OpenSIPS, Kamailio, FreeSwitch, PHP, MySQL, Open source consulting, C/C++, high availability, performance optimization

How would you like your calls? On the rocks or STIR & SHAKEN?

It has become imperative to verify incoming calls to decipher the caller’s identity and verify that they are legitimate. In case the incoming calls are not verified for their credibility, scammers can camouflage their presence and prove a threat to the end-user. STIR/SHAKEN is a technology framework that assures that the identity of the user making call is trustworthy, earning the badge of reliability. In this session, learn more about how to incorporate STIR/SHAKEN in your strategy to emerge as a business winner and know how you can lower the risk of fraudsters.

Richa Daga – CISCO

Richa Daga is an international technical speaker, author, mentor and an engineer by heart. As a Software Lead at Cisco, she works in the development of products which pioneer the breakthroughs to build internet of the future. Prior to it, she worked at Ciena and has developed cutting-edge hardware supporting terabits of speed. She is a recognised IoT Thought Leader and talks about disruptive technologies at the global Internet of Things Community’s conferences, IEEE Women in Engineering International Leadership Conference and Women in Tech Global Conference. She spearheads Diversity and Inclusion initiatives and is passionate about technologies connecting the world.

Open Optical Networks to power the Internet of the future

What makes applications such as video streaming, conference call, online gaming possible?
How are we able to sustain the high bandwidth demands of today’s digital world of 5G and IoT? Most importantly, are we future-ready to face the exponential traffic growth in the network?
Join this session at ClueCon’22 to take an informative ride through the optical solutions which make it all possible. With the emergence of disruptive technology innovations and industry initiatives, it’s high time that we embrace the future with open networking for optical systems.

Alec Fenichel – TransNexus

Alec Fenichel is the Chief Technology Officer of TransNexus in Atlanta, Georgia. He joined TransNexus in 2015 as a Software Architect. Alec has led the development of ClearIP, a cloud platform for STIR/SHAKEN, robocall prevention, toll fraud prevention, and least cost routing. He is a frequent technical speaker on STIR/SHAKEN topics. He is an active contributor to the ATIS/SIP Forum IP-NNI Task Force, PTSC Non-IP Call Authentication Task Force, and NANC Call Authentication and Trust Anchor Working Group. Alec is a graduate of Georgia Institute of Technology where he earned bachelor’s degrees in Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering.

The In-Depth Guide to STIR/SHAKEN

 In this presentation, Alec will provide a comprehensive guide to STIR/SHAKEN. Topics will include regulatory requirements, technical specifications, practical implementation details, and future enhancements to the standards.