Check back soon to learn more about Dangerous Demos 2022.

Dangerous Demos – ClueCon 2021

Dangerous Demos was started to identify new and emerging technology that can eventually be deployed by carriers and mobile operators. This year’s Dangerous Demos will be a big part of ClueCon TGI2021 and held October 27th from 2:00pm-3:15pm CST. 

Bringing Dangerous Demos to ClueCon 8 years ago was the natural event to have developers prove their experience and abilities by pushing the envelope of new ideas in a competitive environment, all based upon open source communications software, including class leading FreeSWITCH. To win one of the Dangerous Demos 3D laser etched trophies is also not an easy thing to do; anyone with one or more of these sitting on their mantlepiece can quite rightly class themselves as a fearless pioneer of Open Source, a true Original Geek.

Awards are given in several categories:

  • The Swan prize for the demo that is so difficult to pull off but looks so easy
  • Audience Vote for Most Entertaining
  • Crash and Burn, perhaps the most coveted of all for the demo that fails most spectacularly 

Developers interested in being part of this year’s Dangerous Demos should apply to be considered by submitting the entry form available here.  

This year, Dangerous Demos is being sponsored by Fonative, the Compliant Communications Company and will be hosted by Andy Abramson, CEO of Comunicano.

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